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Sale! 020 Fuchsia^

This yarn is plied of fine-spun threads of super-mercerized Egyptian cotton, knitting
to luscious fabrics with embraceable texture.


Although at first glance similar to our Softball yarns, a closer inspection reveals significant differences. This yarn is not a thick roving, but plied of fine spun threads of super mercerized Egyptian cotton. The result is an exquisitely soft, lustrous and durable yarn with excellent wear characteristics. Its lycra core is measured to provide just the right amount of stretch.

Colors marked with an asterisk (**) are "Seasonal" shades
Colors marked with a caret (^) are "Limited stock" on hand, after which they may be special-order in full dyekettle

PRICING: (List $33.95/lb)
1 lb $21/lb;
5 lbs $18/lb;
10 lbs $15/lb