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001 Ivory


100% Mulesing-Free Extrafine Merino Wool

7,500 ypp


Sheep friendly, certified mulesing free, knits and weaves to luxurious fabrics and is adaptable to felting.

Colors marked with an asterisk (**) are "Seasonal" shades
Colors marked with a caret (^) are "Limited stock" on hand, after which they may be special-order in full dyekettle

Sheep-friendly? It sounds redundant. Who thinks of sheep in anything other than a friendly way? yet PETA points out that most merino-wool producing sheep are subjected to an extremely painful, almost barbaric yet unnecessary practice called mulesing. We searched the world for wool gained from animal husandry free of this practice and converted it to our extrafine Natures Way 2/30 Merino wool yarn.